English & Maths


Grammar & Thinking Skills (Age 5 - 9 only)  

  1. This program covers a variety of grammar topics using varied examples, interesting and lively illustrations.
  2. Exercises given in this program includes self testing questions and reinforcement exercises
  3. Syllabus covers:
  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral Interactions
  • Phonics
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

Grammar & Vocabulary Class (Age 10 - 12 only)

  1. This program covers a variety of grammar & vocabulary topics using varied examples as well as interesting and lively illustrations.
  2. Using a series of vocabulary & grammar books that had been carefully selected, our teachers conducts the class by following the theme of our teaching materials which starts with key words that are then clearly defined to students and further supported by example sentences to our fellow students
  3. Syllabus covers:
  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral Interactions
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

Creative Writing & Comprehension Class (Age 7 - 12 only)


Other English Courses for Age 5 - 12 

  1. This program teaches you how to answer comprehension questions to score the best marks
  2. Program :
  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral Interactions
  • the "5Ws" & "1H" method
  • Brainstorming Session
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Creative writing exercises & journals
1. Reading Theater Progam
2. Speaking Class (Speech, Drama & Story-telling)
3. Literacy & Maths Program


Diagnostic & Critical Maths

This program offers:
  1. A wide range of learning experiences and allow learners to explore and solve mathematical questions confidently
  2. Engages young learners in interactive maths activities that encourages one’s thinking skills
  3. Using thematic approach to encourage young learners to actively participate in class and solving mathematical problems
  4. Critical thinking maths questions
  1. Text book
  2. Work book
  3. Enrichment book
  4. Homework book